Asim Rafiqui

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I asked Issa Abdul Hadi el Batrans' brothers if I could meet with him. They shook their heads and looked away apologetically. "His world has become unbearable to him," his youngest brother said to me, "he is unable to face anyone or anything."<br />
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His only remaining child, Abdil Hadi, sat in her uncle's lap and stared at me.<br />
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16 days earlier, on January 16th 2009, Issa Abdul Hadi el Batran's wife Manal, his 13 year old daughter Islam, his 10 year old daughter Iman, his 8 year old daughter Ihsan, his 6 year old son Bilal and his 5 year old son Ezzedine were killed in a missile attack on their home. <br />
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My interview had ended before it could begin. Abdil Hadi continued to stare at me. I asked to hold her and saw questions in her eyes.