Asim Rafiqui

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Majid Fateh Abdil Aziz El Najar unlocked the door of his home to allow me to see the damage caused by Israeli tank fire and phosphorous shell attacks. As we entered the foyer I noticed a small, decaying bouquet of flowers leaning against a wall. That is where she died. Majid's wife of 16 years, Hanan Fateh Abdil Ghani Qodeh, was killed when a tank shell tore through her body. <br />
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Rubble covered the entire house, with large gaping holes in the exterior walls where the shells had entered and devastated the life of his family. <br />
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We walked around the house for some minutes, Majid Fateh examining every room and item to see what could be salvaged. As I turned to leave I heard him whisper She waited 8 years for me. I thought I had misheard him. When I was in an Israeli prison, he explained, she waited 8 years for me so that we could marry. She stood against her family, and waited for me. We had been in love you see. He smiled.