Asim Rafiqui

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Amil Sarsour, from Safad, Palestine, whose family left their home city of Safad in 1948. Amil was born in the camps in a refugee camp in Syria in 1956. Amil holds up an artists drawing of the town of Safad as it looked in the 1940s. Amil used this map when he last visited Safad now in Israel, and also offered the Azaan, the Muslim call to prayer, outside his father's home. He tells of being surrounded by a hostile crowd which was only held back by an elderly Jewish man who happened to have rememnered Amil's grandfather and warned the people to not stop Amil. 'This is his family's house. He is not come to take it from you', the old man shourted at the crownd.' Let him say his prayers. We stole this from them. Now he just wants to pay his respects'.
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