Asim Rafiqui
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No Earth Beneath Our Feet / No Sky Above Our Heads

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Naheed Kausar was arrested and detained while on her way from her village in Okara to Lahore to participate in a protest rally for the release of the leader of the landless peasant movement Mehr Abdul Sattar. She was held without charge for five days, subjected to violence at the hands of the police, and never accused of any crime. The military has been racheting up its use of violence against the non-violent protest movement of the landless peasants. The use of violence against women is a new phenomenon, and reflects the growing desperation of the military brass to wrest control of these lands and break the back of a movement that has resisted their designs for over sixteen years. Mehr Abdul Sattar remains in solitary confinement, held there on concocted 'terrorism' charges.